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Premium VPS and Web Hosting at your Fingertips!

VPSNest is Providing Professional Web and VPS Hosting Services at Extremely Cheap Prices. Our Main Infrastucture was Developed to Support our own Projects so Quality and Uptime are more than Neccesary, even Guaranteed! Your Website or Project will be just as Important as our own making VPSNest one of the Safest choice in the current Hosting Industry!

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Major Features

You will Benefit form these Features no Matter which Product you Buy!


Instant Setup

As soon as you made a Successful Payment via PayPal or Cryptocurrencies, your Web Hosting, Domain Name or Server will be Activated Immediately. No waiting Time Whatsoever.


Constant Backups

Your Hosting and Server Accounts are backed up on a Regular Basis, with our Backup integration. We use Dedicated Backup Storage, providing Fast & Easy Rollback Abilities.


24/7 Professional Support

We are providing Highly Experienced Round-the-clock Support to All Customers without Exception! Simply Open a Ticket or Contact us via our Chat Widget to reach our Team!


15 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We have a 15 Day Refund Policy in Place, which means you can Try out our Services without any Risk to your Content or Wallet! We do not ask any Questions at Cancellation!


99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We are able to Guarantee the Highest Technically possible Uptime on our Quality Servers! Our Server Uptime is Industry Leading due to our Server Management Techniques!


Latest Technologies

Our Network runs the Latest Stable and Secure Version of Softwares. We also Implement strict Security and Firewall rules Protecting your Website or Server from Unwanted Visitors 24/7.

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Kind Words from our Valuable Customers!


No Matter Where your Business is Located, a North American or European Based Website is a Must in this Day of Age!


It turns out WordPress Hosting is much Better for Magento as well. It is very Important that my Webshop stays Always Online and Fast!


My VPS with VPSNest has been Up and Running for Months now without any Issues. No Complaints or Issues thus far!


Security is one of the Most Important Factors for our Business, which VPSNest Provided without a Hitch, thus Keeping our Files Safe!


The Big Hosting Providers Really Failed me in the Past, but I can say that the VPSNest Servers are not Overcrowded at all!


My Student Project Website has been up for Ages, Honestly I can't Complain. There was Maintainence once, but my Website was Up right away!


Payment Options

Additonal Payment Options might be Available by Contacting our Support!

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